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Post-Fire Cleaning

Vogue Hygiene™ offers dedicated post-fire cleaning services in Cape Town and Gauteng. Our team of qualified and experienced experts is equipped to return damaged and contaminated residential, corporate, and commercial buildings to their safe, hygienic state.

Fires wreak havoc on buildings, causing not only damage from fire and smoke but also from flooding damage due to firefighting operations. What is more, the lingering odour, smoke and ash present a serious health hazard and can cause serious harm when inhaled.


Our specialised fire cleaning professionals are well-equipped to deal with the aftermath and handle water damage, residual smoke, soot and ash, and odour removal.

We render fire cleaning services that include cleaning damaged or soot covered objects, carpet cleaning, surface cleaning, purifying the air of contaminated rooms using ozone generators, and upholstery cleaning to restore the clean, sanitary condition of your premises. Our experts use industry leading commercial equipment as well as eco-friendly, anti-bacterial cleaning products.

Fill out our query form or contact us directly for a free quote. We guarantee to provide you with a hygienic, clean environment, at the best price.