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Covid-19 Protocol

  • The company endeavours to have all employees protected and record no casualties throughout the period of servicing the client.

  • Therefore, the protocols outlined below are measures to be adhered to by all employees of the employer and any other person accessing the site during our period of servicing the client.

  • These measures will be supported with documentation that will be utilized daily, such as screening forms for all employees and/ or visitors if any.

  • Urgent action will be taken if any deviations occur and replacement of such employees will be done within 6 hours of reporting.

  • If in any case an employee is reported to be positive of COVID-19, such employee will immediately go on isolation and will only return on duty once they have been cleared of the virus.

Mopping the Floors

Measures to be adhered to while on duty.



- Employees will be sanitized upon arrival at the work premises.

- Employees to carry sanitisers with them at all times.

- Work stations to be sanitized before & after work and not to be shared.


- Employees are to maintain social distancing between one another and between the client’s staff and customers, and any personnel in the premises.

- Employees are to stay 1.5m apart while in breaks, staff meetings and any other group engagements at work.


- All shared surfaces are to be disinfected frequently (e.g. Door Handles/locks, microwave, fridge, tables and benches etc…)


- Employees should stay at home if they feel sick or have any flu-like symptoms.
- Sneezing & coughing should not be exposed either use tissues or arm.


- Sanitizers will be provided with at 70% of alcohol content.
- Communal areas will be provided with marked benches and precaution signs on the walls.

6. PPE

- All employees are to wear face masks at all times while at work.
- Hand gloves & face plastic shields are to be utilized where necessary especially accessing public areas.


- Employees and visitors will complete a questionnaire daily to assess if they have any symptoms of COVID-19
- Temperature readings will be taken and recorded daily


- All employees that show any symptoms while being screened will be required to go for COVID-19 test and will not be permitted to work until such testing has been conducted and show negative results.

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