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Why Vogue Hygiene

Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that we consistently strive to exceed industry standards while maintaining a high level of quality management. With our expertise backed by years of experience, we guarantee an efficient service every time. This is shown through the steady relationships we have built with clients, suppliers, and staff over our years as a cleaning and hygiene services provider in Cape Town and Gauteng.

Health and safety are our utmost priorities. We deploy well-trained, knowledgeable employees with years of industry experience kitted in complete personal protective gear. In addition, we equip them with industry-grade equipment and machinery. Only SABS-approved sanitation and cleaning products are used in our services. We promise not only customer-centric cleaning and hygiene services, but a healthy, safe environment for your organisation.


To ensure continuous service availability, we employ permanent auxiliary staff who serve as relief in the case of absenteeism, sickness or leave. All Vogue Hygiene™ staff are registered with UIF, Provident Fund, Workmen’s Compensation, and public liability. A supervisor is assigned to each project to ensure compliance and top customer service.

In aligning with the legislation of both health and environmental affairs sectors in South Africa, Vogue Hygiene adheres to the following:

  • Ensuring all Vogue Hygiene™ personnel are highly trained

  • Providing all Vogue Hygiene™ employees with appropriate safety and protective equipment

  • Complying with applicable environmental legislation and regulations

  • Utilising pollution-preventative techniques in our cleaning processes

  • Constantly striving to minimise waste generation within all channels

  • Conserving all applicable resources to optimise their usage, through gentle and efficient methods

  • Taking measures to correct and eliminate hazards or conditions that endanger employees’ health and safety

  • Allowing only fully trained personnel to utilise and operate equipment

  • Using industry-approved equipment and materials.

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