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Retail Cleaning

Vogue Hygiene™ employs a highly trained team of professionals ready to tackle dirt and contaminants in your retail space with our retail cleaning services in Cape Town and Gauteng.


We are well equipped to clean and sanitise spaces on a large as well as small scale, from small groceries to shopping malls, to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of these spaces and prevent the spread of illness-causing pathogens such as bacteria.


A sanitary, clean retail space is essential for the health and positive experience of employees, customers, and suppliers, as well as the health of your business. Using high-grade industry-standard equipment and eco-friendly, SABS-approved cleaning consumables, we ensure your facilities are left spotless every time and provide an inexpensive service.

Fill out our query form or contact us directly for a free quote. We guarantee to provide you with a hygienic, clean environment, at the best price.