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With Covid-19 Still Here, Having a Hygienic, Clean Workplace is a Non-negotiable

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

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The risk of COVID-19 means that sanitizing your business premises and maintaining a hygienic work environment is even more important than before. Disinfection and hygiene services can prevent the spread and destroy the virus in office spaces, protecting the health of you and your workforce.

Healthy staff means a lower rate of absenteeism – which means lower sick leave costs for your business. A healthy workforce is also a more productive and effective one. A hygienic, clean office environment also boosts staff morale, is more pleasant for workers and visitors, and presents your company in a professional, positive light.

The easiest way to maintain a sanitary, dirt-free workplace is by outsourcing a professional cleaning and sanitation service. These services provide trained staff who follow strict protocols and who provide and use industry-approved equipment and cleaning products. At present, many sanitation and hygiene solutions providers also use only eco-friendly products to perform their services.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

As hygiene services are committed to customer satisfaction, they will perform their due diligence by carrying out cleaning and sanitation thoroughly and correctly, and so is a good port of call for the removal and killing of disease-carrying pathogens.

As well as actively cleaning and sanitizing your company spaces, hygiene and sanitation companies are also equipped to perform regular waste disposal and maintenance and provide certain items to help you and your staff maintain a hygienic workspace.

This includes the rental and servicing of sanitation, recycling, and general waste bins for the premises’ ablutions and the servicing of these; the removal of refuse from refuse bins and refuse bay cleaning; healthcare risk waste management; provision of baby changing stations; provision of soap dispensers; and more.

Outsourcing a hygiene and cleaning service provider for regular cleaning and servicing, along with implementing a staff hygiene policy adapted to COVID-19 requirements, are easy ways to maintain the safety and cleanliness of your company’s premises.

It is important to bear in mind that the hygiene of workplaces is always paramount and will remain so even once the COVID-19 pandemic eases and that basic workplace hygiene must always be maintained.

Basic workplace hygiene depends on four elements:

  1. Dirt-free, hygienic work area

  2. Clean ablutions

  3. Personal hygiene

  4. A clean, sanitary kitchen

To maintain this basic hygiene, staff, as well as employees, must do their part. As well as implementing a hygiene policy, employees should assist in maintaining hygiene in the workplace by providing sanitizer, tissues, and wipes. They should also provide regular cleaning for the office and bathrooms and using an outsourced cleaning and hygiene service is a pain-free way to do this.

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